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what if Apollo is given the same punishment as Dionysus and becomes the assistant camp director, and Will is just SO embarrassed   


As a lot of you already know, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and as I don’t think any of you know, I’ve been performing self exams monthly because I’m prone to phyllodes tumors. When I found my first tumor it was about half the size on an egg and I was beyond terrified - I thought I was going to die. They’re non cancerous, but I’ve already had two removed over the course of my life time. The scarring is mostly under the skin, though I’m very self conscious because I’m almost two cup sizes smaller on one side) and just this weekend I found another one. It’s small and benign but I’m having it removed in December.

So, as I face my third surgery in six years, I decided to dye my hair pink - not only because the bold color gives me courage but because I want everyone else to think pink as well. Breast Cancer is a very serious issue and though I know the “save second base” and “I love boobies” campaigns are super popular, I really strongly encourage every remember that there are people affected by this disease and they are so much more important than their breasts!